"Fragrance is my dearest accessory and my fondest tool of seduction &well-being.
I find pleasure in wearing a fragrance that is owned exclusively by me",
gushes Montgomery.

It’s a beautiful process from the initial meeting with the Perfumer to the satisfaction of smelling your personalized fragrance on your skin. The journey begins with your unscented visit to the Perfumer. Immersing herself in your desired results to curate what your perfume/cologne will whisper about you, a series of questions are asked. She will then invite you to smell a few notes to gauge your response. In 2 to 3 weeks time, you will receive 3 fragrances curated just for you to select from. A simple yet elegant process reserved for those with exquisite taste and the propensity for individuality.

At HIVE Luxury Fragrances, we offer an exquisite indulgence in curating an individual perfume / cologne with our Perfumer, Bambi Montgomery. Uniquely qualified, having the gift of Synesthesia, Montgomery focuses on the way her clients desire to feel, the mood they aspire to convey, the well-being and emotional harmony they deserve, garner the reaction they crave, captivate the attention they yearn for. All of this is achievable with the power and persuasion of fragrance.


  • 45 min discovery session with perfumer $150 (3 sample fragrances)

  • Final cost for fragrance | therapeutic rollers discussed during session

  • Special rate for candles | email for details

Your fragrance is yours and only allowed to be purchased by you.

(If your lover desires to purchase your fragrance for you,

they will have to do so with the purchase of a gift card)

A simple yet elegant process reserved for those with exquisite taste, the propensity for individuality & well-being. You will enjoy an in-depth conversation with our Perf...
Fragrance Discovery
45 min
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