The Atmosphere Curator 

The Perfumer

Bambi Montgomery  a visionary, tastemaker, influencer, Artful Synesthete,

 Queen  & Nose of the HIVE brand. 

Inspired by the power of fragrance to elevate and enhance experiences and well-being, 

Bambi has poured her own memories, treasury and mastery into these luxury fragrances. 

Her rare synesthetic abilities guide the creative process - gifting you

a unique sensory experience that influences behavior and provokes memory

without the utterance of a single word. 

Welcome to 

the hive

Every Queen Bee must have her HIVE!

I bloom from the warmth of passionately sharing my life with 

my lover, family and friends. 

My faith guides me.

My adventures expand my wings.

My lust for living fuels my spirit.

It's with these cherished connections, faith and adventures in mind, that I give you

infused with unbridled love. 

Stunningly packaged, each fragrance is meticulously curated to awaken

familiar emotions, spark new memories and enhance emotional balance and harmony.

It is my simple yet impactful way of instilling love, luxury and well-being into every aspect of your life.

The work of a Perfumer is salted, pure and sacred. Exodus 30:35 

This, perfuming, is my gift from God and honoring this gift is my expression of gratitude. 

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HIVE Luxury Fragrances is a FEMALE BLACK owned small business from chicago that believes all things are possible with God

matthew 19:26

® 2020  HIVE Luxury Fragrances . no one's olfactory was harmed in the process of curating this website

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